Other Programs

  • Take the Foodprint Quiz. If you eat, you have a Foodprint. Our family took the quiz. While we do well on eating at home, buying in quantity with an eye to minimize packaging, etc., we are pretty middle of the road on limiting meat & eating organic, cage free, grass fed, etc. We scored in the second highest category overall but not at the top.
  • We expect that there are roadside litter volunteer opportunities and advocacy in every state. In our home state of North Carolina, you can adopt a stretch of road to maintain it litter free through the Adopt-A-Highway Program. NCDOT asks volunteer groups to commit at least four years to a 2-mile stretch of roadway. Litter cleanups happen a minimum of four times a year, and sometimes more on heavily traveled roads. The first weekend of even months, our family helps clean up a stretch of road that our community adopted. You can also report people who litter to Swat-A-Litterbug. The NC Swat-A-Litterbug program has no “teeth” but NCDOT will mail the registered owner of the vehicle that was reported a formal notification, signed by the N.C. State Highway Patrol, that informs them about the littering offense, the penalties of littering and urges them to help keep North Carolina clean. At least it raises awareness which could lead to improved behavior over time.
  • Litter Pirate is an educational and litter-picking organization run by Paul, a gentleman in our home state of NC with whom we were connected long before we launched Clean Sweep. He has some great podcasts and information on littering.