Business Partners

We started Clean Sweep to make a difference. Picking up trash counts, and inspiring others to pick up even more trash works as well. But, we need support from the business community to reduce the level of trash in the first place. Some ideas for corporate business partners include the following:

  • Ensure that your own business establishments are litter free. Regularly pick up trash outside your business, in your parking lot and on adjacent roadways. Show that you care about good corporate citizenship, and celebrate your efforts locally!
  • Limit your use of disposable items. Ask customers if they need bags, napkins, menus, etc. rather than pushing them on everyone. You can save money and prevent these items from ending up on streets and in streams and rivers.
  • Encourage your customers to be responsible with disposable items. Where disposable packaging is necessary, prominently ask customers to be responsible and don’t litter. Ensure your own properties have sufficient outdoor trash receptacles to make it easy.
  • Sponsor a clean up day. When you see your own packaging littering roadways, organize a community event to pick up the trash! Let everyone know to enter our sweepstakes for a chance to clean up while cleaning up.

Please email us with your efforts to advance the anti-litter movement so that we can feature you on our Hall of Fame.