The Clean Up Kids

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

The Clean Up Kids are a brother and sister duo with experience beyond their years making a positive impact in the name of conservation and the fight against litter. Like their three older siblings, the Clean Up Kids have been raised to be very resource conscious, strong stewards of the environment, service-oriented and active community participants. Clean Sweep is their initiative to inspire others to join the cause.

Audrey Gloria

Audrey is a Girl Scout who has earned her Bronze Award and is working toward her Silver Award focusing, you guessed it, on reduction of consumables and litter. She has participated in No Straw November with the rest of her troop, but frankly, she and her family had been minimizing consumption of single-use disposables including straws, with a variety of approaches for years already. We thought we were just weird; who knew that we had company on this score?! She has also been picking up litter for as long as she can remember on roads and trails, alongside lakes and streams, in parking lots, parks, campgrounds, ski mountains and everywhere else….well, except her bedroom (so say her parents). Audrey is a nature fanatic, loves the outdoors, and is a budding ornithologist (bird nerd). She loves to see different animals but hates to see the trash that could harm or kill them, that blights our community and our planet. She is homeschooled, especially loves science and reading, is learning to speak Spanish and is jumping into photography to capture some wonderful images of nature. She plays tennis and volleyball and is increasingly competitive after getting really accustomed to losing. She also plays french horn (hers is named Glorp) and piano.

Andrew Gregory

Gregory recently bridged over from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA and has been a champion of the environment for years. He has picked up litter along many roadsides and also in some of the most beautiful places he has visited such as state and national parks, alongside lakes, and on hiking trails. Gregory loves being outdoors, and earned the Forestry and Nature merit badges within a few short months of becoming a Scout. He never wants to see animals harmed from eating trash, hates the constant litter he sees on roads, trails and everywhere else and goes the extra mile to help protect our planet and all living things it supports. Gregory is homeschooled and is a math superstar. He plays tennis, basketball, and soccer. He also is an accomplished musician on the drums and piano.

Other Support

Our Parents

The Clean Up Kids could not have started Clean Sweep without the support of their parents for everything from setting up this website to teaching them to be resource conscious, to never litter and to value nature. This website reflects the many themes and facts about conservation, recycling, the environment, etc. that The Clean Up Kids have been learning since they were very young.

The Clean Up Pup

Since adopting our mutt from a shelter, Yogi has been a constant companion on litter collection outings especially alongside trails and waterways. Yogi is very patient with the endless starting and stopping but we can’t say that he’s really getting the idea of litter collection yet. Yogi is shown below looking for litter in all the wrong places.

Oh and if you must know, Yogi is 50% Rottweiler, 24% Bulldog, 12% Boxer, 9% American Staffordshire Terrier and then 5% Super Mutt + 100% muscle + 100% tail & body wagging love. Wait; that’s 300%. We think he’s just 100% Super Duper Mutt!