Nobody’s Perfect

We are very passionate about the environment, but as we said on our Leading By Example page, we lead pretty normal lives. So since we dumped a laundry list of things we do right for the environment, we thought it was only fair that we include a list of things we don’t do right for the environment.

Not Reducing

  • We are the youngest of 5 kids, and as most of you know… raising kids takes a lot of resources (energy, food, money, time, time, and a lot more time).
  • We have a very large house. Our house is much bigger than necessary for our family.
  • We have an RV which takes a bunch of money and even more gas for towing.
  • All three of our older siblings are in college or beyond, but we didn’t trade down our large cars to a family that needed the extra space.
  • While we have mostly stopped since we bought the RV, we do still take plane trips occasionally.
  • We do eat fast food sometimes when we have coupons 😜

Not Reusing

Not Recycling