Small Steps to Improvement

  • Old Navy – Old Navy is devoted to reducing the use of plastic. By 2023, Old Navy will eliminate plastic bags. Even better, by 2030, Old Navy will stop using all unnecessary single-use plastics. Already, all Old Navy stores are recycling plastic hangers. Read more about Old Navy’s steps to improving the world here.
  • Starbucks – Starbucks has been changing its business to be more eco-friendly since 1985. Now, Starbucks offers discounts for reusing cups. Starbucks is also striving to cut water, waste, and carbon footprints in half by 2030. Read about Starbucks’s eco-friendly ambitions and timeline here and here.

Small Steps away from Improvement

  • Harris Teeter – Unfortunately, Harris Teeter has taken increased packaging on the Rotisserie Chicken. Instead of just the usual box, Harris Teeter also added a carrying sleeve. Hopefully, more people will help us advocate so we can place Harris Teeter on Small Steps to Improvement.