Clean sweep logo

Clean Sweep is created by two middle schoolers to inspire people to limit their use of disposables and make a difference in their communities by cleaning up litter. Our long term goal is to work with companies, elected officials, and community members to stop littering at the source by reducing the use of disposable items. However, our initial focus is on energizing citizens to grab a bag and start cleaning up the mountains of litter already damaging our environment. We know that people who pick up litter are far less likely to be litter bugs, and are counting on this to help us generate a lasting impact.

Clean Sweepstakes Logo

Clean $weepstakes is funded initially from The Clean Up Kids’ piggy banks. Entry windows will be open six (yes, 6!) times annually generally only during the even months. Drawings will be held on the 5th day of the odd months; that is January, March, May, July, September and November for anyone checking. Entries for the first $250 sweepstakes opened early for a whopping two months, closing August 31. Anyone who picks up a bag of trash and is aged 13 or older (parents and older siblings, you can enter for your children who are 12 and under) can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win the $250! Drawings will continue ad infinitum (yes, that’s forever) every two months until and unless funding from the Kids and other donors runs out….hopefully never. Please help spread the word about Clean $weepstakes and consider donating cash or prizes so more people can be Clean $weepstakes winners!