Several times, our family has approached personnel at the Speedway station near our community about the high volume of litter on their property. Never any reply or improvement. The BP gas station just across the street is always immaculate so when buying gas nearby, we go to the BP and we have encouraged others to do the same….even if the Speedway is a couple cents cheaper.

After yet another time cleaning up the Speedway property both roadside and behind their parking lot toward the adjacent fire station that keeps their property very clean but gets litter blown onto them from Speedway, we turned a language arts business letter assignment into advocacy by writing to the manager of this Speedway location. Never a response from the store manager or from corporate who we also contacted. And the property is not kept any cleaner. Shame on Speedway!

Dear Miss Kelli,

Our names are Audrey and Gregory; we are 12 and 10 years old. We live near your store location. Our family has been active in conservation and litter collection for years including picking up litter on Norwood and Creedmoor Roads and on your Speedway property even as recently as last Saturday. We believe that an environmental revolution is coming, led by our generation, and we are all in. We love our planet, conserve resources and clean it up.

Unfortunately, we have found that your Speedway property has been continually covered with trash although less right now since our family just spent an extended period of time cleaning it up. We think that you and your staff probably pick up litter right around your store and pumps and on your pavement. However, the grassy area at the corner regularly has litter and lots of extra signs people plant for free advertising that are ugly and then turn to garbage, the curb line at the edge of your pavement gets a fair amount of litter blown by wind or carried by rain, underneath the shed has lots of bottles and bags, and the woods next to and behind your station are disgusting. We picked up lots of litter we could reach in the open, under the shed plus in the brush between your store and the fire station on Saturday. Although we eventually gave up as we got further from the road and more into the thorns and underbrush that were scraping us.

We know that many in our community have been impressed by the manager at the BP, Mr. Jay, who regularly cleans up his entire property including grass and bushes or has his staff help. Our family even went in recently to thank Mr. Jay and his staff for being such good community members. PLEASE do more to regularly clean up litter that people carelessly discard or that naturally blows around. Just five extra minutes daily all the way to the edges of your property would make a huge difference over time.

We appreciate your support!

Update from July 2, 2021. Striving to have everyone do their part to minimize waste and litter, plus aspiring to have no entries on our Wall of Shame, we followed up yet again with Speedway. No luck with store management or with Customer Service. One of several lowlights of our follow up was when the Customer Service Supervisor chastised us for cleaning litter on Speedway’s property saying that we were trespassing to have done so. Uhhhh, nope, but SHEESH!