Iron Heart Winery

Adam Fariss, owner of Iron Heart Winery, is a man after our own hearts – a take action person who grew up picking up litter as a family. Once you pick up litter, not only would you never do so yourself, and might even call out others who do, but you can’t un-notice it. He saw an increase in roadside litter once the pandemic hit in part due to more restaurant take-out meals in disposable containers. Sigh! So he took action offering cash for trash pickup. We believe that imitation is the finest form of flattery. We loved his idea to encourage action and advocacy rather than apathy. We were hooked, so here we are! Read more about his approach here and consider supporting Iron Heart Winery in part to recognize their environmental efforts. Imagine if we all rewarded with our business, companies that are environmentally friendly; what a difference we could make!